The books we provide

We provide books for all ages and reading abilities from the UK – and we’ve funded the purchase of 182,972 locally published books since 2017.

Every book we provide from the UK is donated to us

Over 99% of these books are generously donated by the UK publishing industry – and we’re always in need of more. Each book is carefully selected for the community it will reach, and we provide books in more than 30 countries. Find out how we select and send books or see where we work.

We also provide a grant for our partners whenever we run one of our projects in schools, libraries or refugee camps so that they can purchase locally published books.

Below, you can see a list of the types of books we send from our UK warehouse:

Books for younger children

We offer a wide range of children’s books to support learning and give children the opportunity to develop a love of reading early in life.

They include picture books, graded readers (e.g. phonics), fiction, non-fiction and books to support primary education.

Books for older children

These books are designed to appeal to teenagers and young adults who are more confident readers.

They cover topics and content relevant to teens to help them deepen their interest in reading while developing more advanced language and reading skills.

Books to support further education

These books help students of all ages move towards employment.

We provide books covering technical and vocational skills such as IT, car maintenance, teacher training, catering, tourism, hospitality, computing and more

Books for higher education

We offer the books that undergraduate, postgraduate, and research level students need to succeed in higher education.

They cover key subjects such as humanities, social science, pure and applied science, law, business and development studies.

Books covering medicine, health and social care

The medical books we offer include both reference books for practising professionals and textbooks for medical and nursing students.

These books also cover health and social care, clinical psychology, counselling and social work.

Books to support EFL and reference books

We provide books such as dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias and graded English as a Foreign Language (EFL) readers for children and adults.

Books for leisure reading

We provide a wide range of leisure fiction by best-selling current authors for leisure reading.

These include popular science books, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and biographies.

Help send the next book

We receive no government grants or support and rely entirely on the generosity of individuals, companies and publishers to keep sharing the power of books around the world. Find out how you can get involved:


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If you’re a publisher, bookseller or author with new books to donate, we would love to hear from you.

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