Our people

Our work is only possible because of our dedicated and talented team of staff, volunteers and friends and the hard work of our partners.

Our staff

We employ a team of 29 dedicated staff, including two programme team members who are based in Nairobi.

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Our Board of Trustees

We are governed by our Board of Trustees, all of whom bring the skills and experience to help us thrive.

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Our Royal Patron and friends

Our Royal Patron, Vice Patron and celebrity friends help us advocate for the book, raise our profile and reach new book lovers.

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Our International Advisory Board

Our International Advisory Board provides insights and guidance to support our strategic development, programmatic activities and operational effectiveness.

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Our mission and vision

Our vision is a world where everyone has access to books that will enrich, improve and change their lives.

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How we select and send books

We work with partners to make sure books that will have the biggest impact go where they are needed most.

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The books we provide

We provide books for all ages and reading abilities – and we’ve funded the purchase of 182,972 local books since 2017.

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