In 2018, we continued our work providing the books lawyers, teachers, professionals in all fields and higher education students require.

Achieving dreams through books

Linda in Cameroon is in the final year of her studies to become a Magistrate. Growing up in a rural area where most people are subsistence farmers, Linda has had to overcome many hurdles to get to where she is today. Without books, she would not be where she is today:


I achieved my dream thanks to the books at the library. Read Linda's story

Empowering teachers and librarians

When books arrive in a school or library for the first time, they are transformative for the people who work in those settings. Every book is a new teaching tool – and their impact on education professionals, particularly in rural settings, is hard to overstate:

Photo Credit: Humanitas Ghana 

These books have completely changed my life. As the librarian, I have learnt many new skills. One librarian's story

Educating the next generation of teachers

Teachers have a direct impact on every nation’s young people, but all too often their skills are out of date. The brand new teacher training books we provide around the world every year help to create the next generation of highly skilled and qualified teachers, ensuring the pupils of the future receive a high standard of education.

The books will also support practising teachers who rely on them to find new ideas, enrich their teaching and keep their skills up to date.

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