What is changing and what is not

While our Vision for 2020 will see us change, we remain committed to our partners, beneficiaries and the commitments we have made to our supporters.

This FAQ answers some common questions about our new vision. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Is where you work changing?

We will continue to work in our current countries of operation, but we will also be open to working in new areas if there is a genuine need for the books we can provide and an opportunity to reach one of our priority beneficiary groups. For example, we recently sent books to support refugees in Greece.

Are you still partner-led?

Yes, absolutely. We will work with our existing library, NGO and government partners to realise our Vision for 2020 as they are the experts in how to reach the most marginalised in their own communities. As we expand our work to reach new groups and new areas, we will seek new partners who have the people we help at the heart of all they do.

How will you fund this new work?

We will seek to fund our expansion by raising more funds, not by reducing funding to existing programmes and partners. This means that to realise our vision for 2020, we will need more support. Find out how you can get involved

What about your existing programmes and partners?

Our new strategy does not change our commitment to existing programmes, partners and beneficiaries. We will continue to execute our programmes and, moving forward, will work with our programme partners to ensure that our work reaches the communities where books can do the most good.

Does this mean you will be looking for books in new languages?

No – we will still continue to work in places where there is a need for books in English. We do get a very small number of books in other languages but our main focus will remains on English language books. We also provide small grants for our partners to purchase books in local languages where we can.


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