Excluded or disadvantaged groups and individuals

Many people and communities face barriers to accessing books and educational opportunities that might improve their lives.

Whether marginalised by disability, gender or ethnicity or excluded by imprisonment or discrimination, these individuals have a particular need for books so that they can create a more positive future.

Our response

We already provide books for prisons through a variety of partners. We are particularly proud to have supported the African Prisons Project since 2009.

In addition, we supply books to many partners who run programmes for the marginalised in their own communities. For example, we provide books to the Finote Rehabilitation for Women with Disabilities Association in Ethiopia which help visually impaired women learn.

Moving forward, we will ensure that our work supports groups offering opportunities for everyone  to access books, whatever their circumstances. We will work in partnership with organisations that have the requirements of these marginalised communities at the heart of what they do.

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