Learners in the community

Many people living in remote communities or in urban slums miss out on educational opportunities and cannot access traditional public libraries.

They rely on community libraries run by volunteers, NGO-run programmes providing education and literacy initiatives, library outreach services and other non-formal education services.

These organisations provide vital information, education and leisure resources for children and adults in rural, peri-urban and urban communities. They need good quality, up-to-date books; however they rarely have a budget for book purchase and their collections are often out-of-date and in poor condition, limiting their effectiveness.

Our response

We work with several community library networks and NGOs which provide learning opportunities outside of formal education settings. For example, we provide books for a network of community libraries, called the Uganda Community Libraries Association. Our books also reach libraries in slums, where they help students learn and reach their full potential.

Moving forward, we will support the work of NGOs, Community Based Organisations and other groups which offer out-of-school learning opportunities for both children and adults by providing books to support their initiatives.

We will also work with community libraries and grassroots organisations to provide books for their readers and offer projects that train volunteer librarians in how run a library and support readers.

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