Pupils and students in poorly resourced schools

The availability of educational materials such as textbooks and reading books is a major factor impacting education quality.

Several studies in Africa have documented the strong positive effects of books on learning achievement, yet in many developing countries the supply of textbooks and reading books for pupils in schools is simply not sufficient.

For example, A 2004 World Bank study concluded that: “Textbooks and learning materials show the highest incidence of impact for improving primary school outcomes in many developing countries.”

Our response

Our Inspiring Readers programme is already working to create school libraries in the classrooms of 250,000 African school children who would otherwise have no or few books in their classrooms. We also support multiple school outreach programmes run by local library services.

Moving forward, we will focus on ensuring that books that support literacy and education reach pupils and students in the most deprived schools. These books will supplement the few resources schools have by creating school libraries or small ‘libraries in a box’.

We will also work with public libraries to support school outreach programmes, mobile services and reading promotion activities for school pupils.

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