The power of books: Our vision for 2025

Books give people power. They transform how people see themselves, and see the world around them. Yet millions are without books – and the need for books has never been so urgent.



87% of sub-Saharan African primary school pupils today experience learning poverty, and hundreds of thousands are still out of school after Covid. Climate change is impacting communities around the world, conflict and displacement are putting countless livelihoods and lives at risk and poverty is rising.  

A book might seem like a small thing in the fight against inequality or climate change  – but we see every day how books can spark a transformation. So, in our new strategy we will work to create access to books where it is needed most.

By focusing on the people who face the greatest barriers to reading and learning we can take the next step towards a world where everyone has access to the books that will enrich, improve and change their lives.

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