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Ruth's story

Ruth’s light library

Ruth tells us why the library in her school, which is giving her access to both books and solar lights, is so important to her.

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Yvonne's story

Beating the odds in Kakuma Refugee Camp

Yvonne shares her story of how she used books to succeed in school, support her fellow refugees and is now hoping for a brighter future.

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Dalia's story

Flying away with books

Like many people living in West Bank, 17-year-old Dalia's life can be unpredictable. Read why she finds solace in books.

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Timothy's story

Timothy’s dreams

Timothy is a small boy with big dreams. Find out why he thinks books are going to help him achieve them.

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Francisca's story

Francisca’s future

Francisca believes that having books in her school is the key to success.

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Habiba's story

Finding peace in books

Habiba fled Afghanistan alone with her two children. Now books are helping her build a new future.

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Stories from near and far

Virginia grew up without children's books but became an author - and she believes in the power of books.

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Our new Royal Patron

We are deeply honoured to announce that Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall is our new Patron.  

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