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New libraries and favourite books

23rd March 2017 | Blog

Justine, Wilson and Dorcas are just three of the thousands of children who are now enjoying brand new books in class thanks to our Inspiring Readers programme.

Here, they tell us about about their new libraries and favourite books.


The teachers at Justine’s school in Cameroon have just attended training with librarians from the local library on how to bring books to life in the classroom. Her new school library will be arriving soon and she can’t wait:


Justine, Cameroon


I do not have a library at my school. I think libraries are important because they help pupils to learn how to read. I like reading books, but I don’t have any books at home. I will use my new library at least once a week and try to read at least three books per week. I am excited about the new library coming to my school.

Justine, class 5 pupil, Bastos Primary School, Cameroon


Wilson and Dorcas’s schools now have their Book Box Libraries. They are enjoying library lessons and discovering new books:


Wilson, Kenya


My favourite book is about a 15-year-old boy named Michael who goes on adventures. He sees dolphins and waves. I like it because it teaches us to have hope. Also the pictures are awesome!

Wilson, 12, Riamukurwe Primary School, Kenya


Dorcas, Kenya


My favourite book is Frankie’s Magic Football. It is about a team of players, children, who go for adventures using a magic ball. They go to New York City and find themselves in the Statue of Liberty!

Dorcas, 13, Nyamachaki Primary School, Kenya


Our London Book Fair International Excellence Award-winning Inspiring Readers programme is now bringing the joy of books and reading to over 88,000 pupils in Cameroon, Kenya and Malawi whose schools did not have libraries and where in many classrooms, children were sharing one book between many. We would like to thank players of People’s Postcode Lottery for funding Inspiring Readers Kenya and Malawi. 

We are now looking to expand the programme to Uganda and beyond. Find out more about the award-winning programme and how you can get involved using the links below.


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