May Book of the Month

25th May 2017 | Blog

27th May is Elmer Day, celebrating author illustrator David McKee’s much-loved picture book series about Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. In honour of this special day, our May Book of the Month is this lovely giant edition of the very first book about the eponymous multi-coloured elephant.

Elmer book
Volunteer Gill shows off the May book of the month

This story, about an elephant who is so visibly different from the rest of the herd but just wants to fit in, will resonate with children everywhere and is a glorious rainbow hued celebration of diversity and difference. Hooray for Elmer! Andersen Press has donated many titles from the Elmer series to Book Aid International this year. Their bright, bold illustrations and Elmer’s cheerful, optimistic personality make them popular books in the children’s libraries and schools our partners support.

Copies of this book will soon be enjoyed by school children in Kenya as part of a reading project with our partner the Africa Educational Trust. Large format books like this are perfect for teachers to show to the class while reading out the text, and this one has the added value of  supplementary questions to guide class discussions about the story.

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