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In pictures: Sierra Leone’s new Children’s Corners

18th August 2017 | Blog

Schools are closed for the holidays but the library is not! The children are making very good use of the library. This is what a vibrant library should be like.


We’ve been working with the Sierra Leone Libary Board to create Children’s Corners – brightly painted, child-friendly spaces in libraries, filled with brand new children’s books, child size furniture and staff trained in working with children – in five libraries in Sierra Leone.

Librarians from each library have participated in training, the library spaces have been refurbished, the books have arrived and the Children’s Corners are now open – or very close to opening.

The children are delighted with their new spaces as are the librarians that run them.

Here we display some of the photos the librarians have been sharing with us showing the development of their Corners and how they are being used.


Makeni Regional Library


Makeni Children's Corner
Children enjoy a story-reading session at Makeni Regional Library


Port Loko District Library

Mr Mansaray, a community teacher, voluntarily teaches class four and five pupils at our library. He uses Book Aid International Books to engage the children with spelling.


Kissy Branch Library

Kissy Children's Corner
Sierra Leone Library Board staff take a look at the progress of Kissy Branch Library’s transformation


Bo City Library

A positive change of attitude has started towards reading by children and especially contributing to the uplifting standard of education in my beloved country. August is the month of heavy rains in Sierra Leone and most people prefer to stay home but the case is different in our libraries as these books from Book Aid International draw them out to the libraries. Thank you so very much.

– Theresa Wusha-Conteh, Sierra Leone Library Board


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