October Book of the Month

27th October 2017 | Blog

Our October Book of the Month is:


Looking at the Stars
Looking at the Stars by Jo Cotterill. Published by Oxford University Press, donated by the British Library


What if all you had left were the stories in your head?

Looking at the Stars is a novel for young adults that vividly portrays the experience of people displaced by war and conflict.

When Amina’s homeland is ravaged by war, she, her two sisters and their mother have no choice but to flee. Together they begin a long and arduous journey to find sanctuary in a refugee camp. As they wander, the stars above them inspire stories which help Amina to distract herself from the realities around her.

This book is part of Oxford University Press’ Rollercoaster series, specially designed for teachers to use with a class. It includes questions to guide group discussions and help pupils to imagine themselves in the girls’ situation. It will be welcomed by school librarians like Maha in the West Bank to use for reading activities with her pupils and Mayol in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya who likes to read about people who have overcome challenges in their lives.


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