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4th December 2017 | Blog

Last week you heard about Espérance Community Centre in Rwanda and the difference the books you helped to send are making to local children in the capital city of Kigali. Here, learn about two more community organisations in Rwanda that you’re supporting with brand new books:


Ready for Reading at the Rwinkwavu Community Library


Story time at Ready for Reading


Jean Marie works for Ready for Reading, an organisation in Rwinkwavu in rural Eastern Rwanda. It is a poor area where most people are subsistence farmers with very limited resources. Jean Marie and the rest of the team at Ready for Reading, based at their library, the Rwinkwavu Community Library and Learning Centre, are working to give children in Rwinkwavu a brighter future and broaden their horizons:

After the library came, the children who were in school and the ones who dropped out and even the ones who finished, they still have a chance to learn something new. They still have a chance to learn ICT, to read books and learn about many things.


Helping children read
Jean Marie helps a young reader


I am hoping to see open-minded children, children who live locally but think globally. The only way to get this is to have a book as their friend. They are from a rural area, they don’t have money, their families are not able to take them on a trip to experience even their own country. But through reading they will be able to travel their country, travel the world. So the opportunity is helping them to learn, to know more things that they can’t access at school or at home.

Ready for Reading Librarian Ernestine has similar hopes for her local community:


reading activity
Ernestine leads a reading activity

Reading is important but here in Rwanda, in the village, people don’t like to read books. But since the library came to Rwinkwavu, many people come and read. We hope that the children will become good mums, good students, good politicians, businessmen or businesswomen.

Rafiki Youth Centre

Stephanie is the President of the Rafiki Youth Centre which serves a large community in a crowded urban district in the capital city of Kigali.

As well as housing a library, the Rafiki Youth Centre offers activities such as music, dance, sport and practical skills training well as computer access. Since Rwanda made English the main language of instruction in school, young people were making less use of the library’s mainly French collection. The English books we have supplied are really helping to revitalise the library:

Before, people told me that the Rafiki library is measly, but nowadays it is not measly because we have books in two languages in the library. I like novels. I have one author called Danielle Steel. I was reading her in French and now I found three books for Danielle Steel here [in English]! We’ll go far with books from Book Aid International because this is the beginning and we say thank you to you.


Thanks to our generous donors, we sent 30,000 books to Rwanda in 2017. In 2018, we hope to send even more books to people who would otherwise have few books, or even no books at all.

Every £2 you give could send another book to a library like the ones at Ready for Reading and the Rafiki Youth Centre.

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