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Putting the ‘world’ in World Book Day

14th February 2018 | Blog

Every year, pupils and staff at schools, colleges and universities up and down the country fundraise on World Book Day to send books to people who need them around the world and Huddersfield New College is one of them.

We talked to Rebecca Hill, the college’s librarian to find out why they fundraise for us on World Book Day:

I can’t quite remember when I first heard about Book Aid International, whether it was a flyer that came with the World Book Day pack or perhaps via National Book Tokens who are also a strong supporter. What I do remember is feeling genuine shock as well as sadness when I learned how many young people, children and adults in sub-Saharan Africa were learning with next to no books and what books they did have access to were either too few or years out of date.


Primary school children


Two facts that stuck in my head was that it would cost just £2 to send a book to a community or school. Just £2. That’s less than the cost of an average paperback in sterling.

The second fact was that in some parts of Africa, a newish medical book would cost a year’s wage. I couldn’t imagine having to wait a whole year before buying a book. It must be so frustrating when books are the best route into education and help people progress and succeed in life.

Watching videos of school children enjoying a School Library in a Box in Tanzania also made a big impact on me. Hearing a pupil ask for more books with such genuine excitement made me realise I was so fortunate to have access to so many books.

School Library in a Box
Children enjoy books from their School Library in a Box

So in 2013 I made the decision to donate all late fines paid during the week of World Book Day to Book Aid International. I also held a small cake stall and bring and buy book stall on the day. It was the first time we actually integrated charity fundraising in our World Book Day plans we raised a proud £52.70.


Huddersfield New College’s fundraising activities include a bake sale


Since then we have done something to raise funds for Book Aid International every World Book Day, whether it’s for their Inspiring Readers programme or School Library in a Box scheme and we will continue to do so. Whether we raise lots or just a tenner, every £2 donated is worth the effort.

We genuinely believe that everyone, both at my college and around the world deserves access to books. After all, books are what World Book Day is all about, so fundraising for Book Aid International fulfils the ‘world’ part of the day’s celebrations very well!


If you want to support our work on World Book Day, we’ve everything you need to make your day go with a bang. There are over 40 dress-up guides, many fundraising ideas and lots of classroom activities and resources to bring the world of reading into your classroom. Take a look at the links below for further information.

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