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New Worlds Through Books: Julian Clary

28th February 2018 | Blog

It’s World Book Day tomorrow!

In the run up, we’re celebrating the power of books to change lives and are asking authors and readers to tell us about a book which opened a door to a new world for them when they were young. That might be a book which sparked their imagination or inspired a new hobby or even led them to learn a new skill.

Today we’re delighted to have comedian, entertainer and children’s author Julian Clary join us on the blog to tell us about a book which inspired him:

Don’t have time to watch the full video? Read the transcript below!

“Hello, everyone at Book Aid. Well, a book that opened doors for me was Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome. I read it when I was, I suppose, 11 years old and I’d never been very adventurous until then . . .

. . . but when I read about what they got up to in that book and the adventures they had on the boat, I thought ‘this is the sort of life I’m going to lead’.

So I would say Swallows and Amazons is the book that opened doors for me.”


Julian Clary is a comedian, entertainer and novelist. Following the huge success of his children’s series, The Bolds, Julian has written a special story about his much-loved hyena family for this year’s World Book Day £1 books. If you love The Bolds, you can dress up as Bobby Bold on World Book Day using this simple costume guide!

World Book Day is an annual celebration of authors. illustrators, books and reading. Every year on World Book Day, thousands of school children dress up as their favourite children’s book characters to raise money for Book Aid International, so we can send more brand new books to libraries and schools in Africa and beyond. Last year they raised over £140,000 – enough to send 70,000 books to communities where children would otherwise have extremely limited opportunities to read! Learn more about World Book Day here.

Visit our World Book Day resources page for fundraising tips, 30 brand new classroom activities and 43 costume guides.

Fundraise for Book Aid International this World Book Day and celebrate the power of books to open doors to new worlds!


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