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28th February 2018 | Blog

The Gaza Health Sciences Library in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is the main medical library in the Gaza strip. Its books provide medical staff and students in Gaza with the vital information they need to deliver quality healthcare.

Border closures and air and sea blockades mean that Palestinians living in Gaza are unable to freely access other parts of the Palestinian Territories or the outside world. Blockades also mean that the import of goods such as books is limited. The books you help to send to this library are therefore a lifeline for the medical staff and students to keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

Here Mahmoud, Project Coordinator at the library tells us more about the difference the books you help to send are making to healthcare in Gaza.


A lady studing
The Gaza Health Sciences Library provides medical practitioners with a range of services


We have lived under blockade for more than 12 years. Our port is closed and we have three hours of electricity a day.

Our vision for the library is to be a modern library, like other libraries outside. So we try to develop our services and offer services like books, journals, online subscriptions but the blockade prevents us from keeping the books in the library updated.

We have been supported by Book Aid International for three years and since then we have seen an increase in the use of the library. Our doctors can’t go out so these books keep them updated like other doctors in the world. Without the books from Book Aid International, all the books in the library would be more than fifteen years old.


Man studying
The brand new books you help to send enable medical practitioners to keep their knowledge up-to-date


The books you help to send users – new books in more than 48 different subjects in health – offer a big help to our users. They give them windows they can look through to keep them updated with new information and help them improve their knowledge more and more.

My hopes for the future are to develop the health sector in various ways and also for people in Gaza to have freedom.


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