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March Book of the Month

30th March 2018 | Blog

Our Book of the Month for March is:

Gray's Anatomy for Students
Gray’s Anatomy for Students published and donated by Elsevier

Gray’s Anatomy for Students is inspired by the original Gray’s Anatomy, the bestselling anatomy book of all time. This version is specially tailored for anatomy students and covers all material taught in modern anatomy courses. Each chapter includes clinical cases to demonstrate how anatomical knowledge can be applied to real-life medical situations and questions for students to test their understanding.

Insides example
The textbook is filled with illustrations and pictures to describe and explain anatomical features with clarity

Up-to-date medical texts like Gray’s Anatomy for Students are a vital resource for healthcare students to support their training. Yet in many of the countries where we work, textbooks are very difficult to find or too expensive for training colleges and hospitals to purchase. This makes it hard for students to find the up-to-date information they need which corresponds with what they are being taught. In Sierra Leone, a lack of resources led Nixon Memorial Hospital’s nursing school to be threatened with closure. The school had once been the main trainer of nurses in the Eastern region of Sierra Leone. Thanks to publishers like Elsevier, we have been able to supply the nursing school with many brand new medical and healthcare books to add to its library collection and it has been able to remain open.

This edition of Gray’s Anatomy for Students also comes with free access to an online version of the textbook. This means that from this single copy, a library can provide even more students with access to the useful information it contains.

Find out more about Nixon Memorial Hospital in Sierra Leone and our work to support medical staff and students using the links below.


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