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2nd May 2018 | Blog

When Benitha was little, she struggled to learn to speak. Here, her mum tells us how she’s using books at her local library in Rwinkwavu, Rwanda, to help her daughter broaden her vocabulary and gain confidence:

Benitha’s mum has found that reading books has helped her daughter to expand her vocabulary

My daughter Benitha is five-years-old. When she was three, my husband and I learned that she was slow in learning to speak. It was hard for Benitha to make even one sentence still at the age of three.

The doctor told me that I needed to take my time and organise regular friendly talks with Benitha so that she could develop her vocabulary, learning new words and I was to measure her progress.

Reading together
Staff at the library also read books and run reading activities to help children discover the joy of reading

I started to take Benitha to the library and read stories to her. When I got back home, I’d ask her to share the story with her elder sisters. She tried her best and she started using her own vocabulary to share the story. This has helped her to learn more new words from reading.

I would say that reading has been the best tool and medicine to help Benitha.

She is now in preprimary class. I am happy that sharing stories has given her the foundation which is allowing her to easily learn more things in class and it seems that she is now catching up.


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