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Children’s reading update from Tanzania

29th August 2018 | Blog

Even more young readers in Tanzania and Zanzibar are enjoying brand new books at their new Children’s Corners thanks to your support.

We caught up with their librarians, teachers and parents to find out more.


Young readers now have many more brand new children’s books to enjoy:

Before the project, we only had 200 books therefore the new books were a great boost to our library and our children.

– Mary Mazengo, Mbulu District Library, Tanzania.


Children are enjoying those new books in brightly painted, child-friendly spaces:

Before, there was no difference between the adult and the children’s sections. Children love the change in their section. It is more attractive.

–Mastura Abddul-Bahman Saleh, Kareem Islamic School, Unguja island, Zanzibar.


These changes to the libraries have made them very popular with local children:


Lots of children reading in the library


The library is the only child-friendly space in the whole of the district. Many children have been drawn to the library therefore we had to develop a schedule to accommodate 40 to 50 children at a time.

– Stephen Musiba, Librarian, Ngara District Library, Tanzania.


Best of all, children’s reading and learning skills are growing:

We have noticed that children are reading more books than before. The reading activities are helping because they are keen to read the books we read aloud together.

– Hudhaifa Hajji, Librarian, Unguja Library, Zanzibar.

We are happy that the library is preparing them for school. I have been bringing my three-year-old son to the library daily for five months. He can count up to 10 and sing the letters of the alphabet.

– Khalid Suleiman, parent, Pemba island, Zanzibar.


Check back soon for more updates from these new Children’s Corners. In the meantime, find out more about our work to support young readers across the world using the links below.


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