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August Book of the Month

31st August 2018 | Blog

Our Book of the Month for August is:

Razia's Ray of Hope
Razia’s Ray of Hope donated by Hachette

…women are the eyes of our country. Without an education, we will all be blind.

– Razia’s Ray of Hope.


Inspired by the work of the Zabuli Education Centre for Girls near Kabul, Afghanistan, this beautifully illustrated story follows a young girl who dreams of attending school like her brothers. When she hears that a girls’ school is being built in her village, she is filled with hope but she needs her father and brothers’ permission to attend.


Inside illustrations


Determined, Razia enlists the help of her grandfather, mother and even the lady who runs the school who do their best to convince the men that educating Razia and girls like her has benefits for the whole community.


Inside illustrations


Razia is a fictional character but around the world, over 60 million school-age children like her who are not in school.

Books you help to send go to a variety of libraries including public and community libraries where they offer children and adults who have missed out on formal education the chance to the access resources to learn and grow. Books like Razia’s Ray of Hope can give children, whether in or out of school, the courage to pursue a brighter future as Susan and Doris, pupils at Ibba Girls’ School in South Sudan explain:

Reading books helped me to know more about the importance of education and have a positive attitude towards school.

– Susan


A girl who goes to school and reads about the achievement of other educated girls and women gets motivated to continue with her studies.

– Doris


Razia’s Ray of Hope will be sent to our partners to distribute to all sorts of libraries including public and community libraries where we hope it will inspire those children that are in school to stay there in spite of the challenges they face and those not in school to keep learning whether by attending school or using the wealth of information available to them in their local libraries and expertise of children’s librarians.



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