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Books bringing inspiration in Mathare slum

12th September 2018 | Blog

Sarah Maria, 12, lives in the Mathare slum in Nairobi, Kenya. She discovered the joy of reading when she visited her local Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) library with some friends. Here she tells us how her love for books began:


Sarah Maria
Sarah Maria

I used to hear my fellow students talk about a library but never had any idea about the library until one day I made an effort and followed them. I found myself staring at many books arranged in the library. I was very shy and scared of asking any question but as time went by – three years now –  I feel more calm and confident than I was.


Friends study together
Many school children visit MYSA’s libraries after school and at the weekends to use books to support their studies


The assistance I get from the books I read in the library or borrow have really played a key role in shaping my life making me better and better.

One day I came across a book through the daily reading session in the library titled The Olympic Promise by Lynda Edwards. It is a story book that I have read many times more than any other.


The Olympic Promise


The book is about a young boy called Nelson from a poor family. He loved running, it was his talent. He later became famous after achieving a lot.


As well as using books to help with homework and revision, many children go to MYSA’s libraries to read for pleasure


This book helped me as I kept on trying to be like Nelson. I wanted to know more about myself and what I was good at. I realised that I was good at singing. It’s a talent that I cherish. I am still in primary school and I’m now able to write my own songs. I believe that one day I will excel in music.


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