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September Book of the Month

28th September 2018 | Blog

Our Book of the Month for September is:


African Folktales edited by Roger D. Abrahams and donated by the Folio Society


This beautiful hardback contains 90 folktales gathered from across the African continent, from forests and broad savannahs, to campsites, kraals and villages. The range of stories is as diverse as the places they are from; with tales of ghosts and magical adventures as well as creation myths and stories of mischief.



Unlike western stories which have a distinct beginning, middle and end, these tales are made to be performed to an audience. They invite discussion and debate and will vary between tellings as each storyteller brings their own unique style and perspective.



For the library users whose hands African Folktales ends up in, this book will give great enjoyment to those reading it for pleasure but also provide storytellers and drama groups with a great source of ideas and inspiration. We hope they enjoy it as much as we have!



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