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December Book of the Month

28th December 2018 | Blog

Our final Book of the Month for 2018 is:

Storage of Agricultural Products
Storage of agricultural products published and donated by CTA

Storage of agricultural products is part of a series of easy-to-read, practical guides on various aspects of small-scale, sustainable agriculture in tropical climates. The books combine new scientific research with local practices and hands on experience. The series aims to strengthen the skills of farmers and improve their livelihoods by sharing knowledge and experience.

Storing produce will be a key part of any farmers’ activities – so they have seeds for future planting, food for their families to eat in the weeks and months to come and produce to sell for income. Using this booklet, farmers can gain new insights into how to best store a variety of crops including grains, seeds, roots and vegetables in order to minimise loss.


Book of the Month inside illustrations
The booklet contains advice on how to best store different types of crops in order to minimise loss and maximise food to eat, sell and seeds to plant for future harvests

Books like this can be life changing for small-scale farmers and their families: good grain storage can lead to better planting material, more food to eat and greater income.

Storage of agricultural products will be welcomed by rural farming communities across many of the countries we work in. Groups of subsistence farmers in rural Zimbabwe are already using titles from the series to support income-generation projects including a vegetable growing business. This group is using them to decide what to plant, when to plant and how to protect crops from disease and pests. You can read more about their business and how they are using books to make it a success here.


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