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Books: the gift of education

12th February 2019 | Blog

Thanks to you, the people of Ayensuako, a remote rural village in Ghana, now have access to brand new books!

They are filling the shelves of a new school library created by Humanitas which is open to the whole community in Ayensuako.

Mr Hayford Arhin, the library’s new librarian, tells us more:


Hayford, Ghana
Hayford is the librarian of the school’s new library

When the books arrived, I was responsible for organising them into the new library system. I manage the lending of books to both the students and the community. I also run reading programmes with the students at the school in their classes and organise reading classes for community members outside of school hours.

These books have completely changed my life.

These books have completely changed my life. As the librarian I have learnt many new skills. I also greatly enjoy teaching both the students and community members to read so that they can really appreciate the books and learn from them.  It is my pleasure to see the joy on the children’s faces when they pick up the books.

Without these books, we would not have the opportunities at the school which we do now. My own daughter is a student and being able to read with her at home with the books she borrows from school means she is constantly learning. The books are really a gift of education which will stay with the community of Ayensuako forever.

The books are really a gift of education which will stay with the community of Ayensuako forever.

Thanks to these new books, pupils are reading regularly as part of a new timetable which includes reading periods for each class. And because the whole community can make use of the books in the new library, parents are now able to better help their children continue their learning outside of school.

Ghana is one of our newest countries of operation – and we could not have expanded to reach readers in Ghana without the support we receive from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. We extend a warm thanks to players for their ongoign support.


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