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Books bringing changes in Ugandan schools

11th April 2019 | Blog

When 25 under-resourced schools across Uganda took part our Inspiring Readers school libraries programme, not only did their pupils discover a love for reading but other changes followed too.

Here pupils, teachers and librarians from the participating schools and libraries share some of the exciting changes that Inspiring Readers making:


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The books have helped me to love reading. Also, they have helped me to be brave in any situation even though I am young.

– Pupil, Busamaga Primary School, Mbale.

The books make school interesting.

– Pupil, Blessed Sacrament Kimaanya Primary School, Masaka.



As they read more, pupils’ literacy skills are improving:

I know how to read, write and spell new words.

– Pupil at Ssenyange Primary School, Masaka.

There is a boy who used to struggle but because of his frequent reading his performance has changed completely. He is interested in getting a different book every day. He has been promoted to be a library prefect.

– Kyobutugi Vashti, Deputy Head and teacher-librarian, Kijuguta Primary School, Kabale.


Reading in class


Pupils’ reading confidence is improving too:

Before, we used to fear and shiver when teachers asked us to read in front of the class. Nowadays everyone can read easily and we no longer fear.

– Pupil, Mbale Police Wanyera Primary School, Mbale


Reading activity


It’s not just skills related to reading that pupils are developing:

I have learned the danger of being uneducated.

– Pupil at Ssenyange Primary School, Masaka.

I learned that I have a right to read.

– Pupil at Ssenyange Primary School, Masaka.


Reading aloud in class


As a result, pupils are growing in confidence:

I used to be shy but now when visitors come to the school, I go to meet them, talk to them and lead them to the teacher they are looking for.

– Pupil at Jinja SDA Primary School.


Teacher shows of cupboard library


It’s not just pupils who are being positively impacted by their new school libraries. Teachers’ performance is improving too:

The library has affected the confidence of teachers as they have more teaching resources. The classes are livelier with more activities for learners.

– Agripina, Head Teacher, BS Kimaanya Primary School, Masaka.


New library


Schools are so encouraged by all the positive changes the books are making that they working to expand their cupboard libraries into proper libraries:

With the new knowledge and skills gained from the training, we felt we needed to set up a library. We even lobbied school management to employ a librarian. We still want to do a bigger library in future.

– Agripina, Head Teacher BS Kimaanya Primary School, Masaka.


The Inspiring Readers programme aims to enrich primary school pupils’ education by providing brand new books, training teachers and linking schools to their local Children’s Corner. Each school receives a book cupboard filled with age-appropriate and inspiring children’s books in English and local languages.

We would like to thank Thomas Cook Children’s Charity for generously funding this phase of Inspiring Readers in Uganda and making so many positive changes possible!

We hope to inspire 250,000 young readers in schools across Africa by 2020 and you can help.


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