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13th June 2019 | Blog

In the West Bank, books you help to send aren’t just being read. They are being used to inspire budding artists, create new ideas for local publishing and take young people on journeys to far off cultures and lands.

Here, Renad Qubbaj the General Director of Tamer Institute for Community Education tells us more.

The books from Book Aid International are important for Tamer Institute Resource Centre, artists in Palestine, children and teachers.

Raghad reads aloud
Librarian Raghad reads to children from a donated book at Battir Municipal Library

They help children here to travel to cities and countries and cross borders that they are not able to cross in reality:

I read short stories for the children. These books help us to discover the whole world because we are not able to visit due to the Palestinian situation. Without them, we wouldn’t have enjoyed all the journeys we went on and continue going on together.

– Raghad, Librarian, Battir Municipal Library.

The books are also a great source of inspiration for us at the Tamer Institute – they provide our resource centre with many ideas that can be developed into reading activities.

We also have a small publishing unit and these books give Tamer and Palestinian artists and designers ideas for illustrations and book design.


School librarian Maha
School librarian Maha entertains children with a reading from one of the books published by Tamer

In 2018, we also received many braille books from Book Aid International and these books are not found locally so it’s a great opportunity for blind people to read.

For those interested in learning English or improving  their language, the books are a great source:

I study English Language and Literature at Bethlehem University. I love reading and writing and learning new languages and discovering new cultures. Therefore, I think I’m lucky to have English books in our library. They really help me in building my English language.

– Raghad, Librarian, Battir Municipal Library.

Many school pupils and university students who are interested in visual art use these books to learn from and design games, cards, films and pop up books. They find the books very inspiring.

I’m interested in drawing and I use the books you donate to know more about illustrators and their work. These books gives joy to my life, and the opportunity to feel free. I think that without these books I wouldn’t have the chance to know about other cultures and the different artistic styles including illustrations and illustrations from different cultures.

– Mayas Omar, 13, Beitforik village, Nablus.


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