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Refugee voices: Marwan

17th June 2019 | Blog

Marwan fled the war in Syria and after a long journey found shelter on the Greek island of Lesvos. He now lives in Katsikas camp in northern Greece.

Here he tells us more about his experiences and how books are among the most important things all people need, regardless of their situation.


Soup and Socks
Soup and Socks where Marwan reads books

My name is Marwan. I am from Aleppo in Syria.

I left because of the war. I tried to stay for so long but in the end I had to say no. It was not possible to stay.

It took me six weeks to get to Greece.  It makes me weak to tell the story so I do not want to say any more about that.

I spent five months in Moira camp on Lesvos and now I have been here for one month so far. I feel a little homesick for Moira – I have a lot of friends there. The place is bad but the people are good.

Language lesson
Marwan uses books to support his English language learning

Now I am here, some people are teaching me English. That is good.

My teacher has given me this book – The Old Man and the Sea – to practise my English.

I like science. We should have science books. Also the psychology books. The people must know more about psychology.

Reading science books
Marwan enjoys reading science books in particular

Reading is important because you get education from reading. For me, when I read a story I have some new wisdom. So when you read science books you have more and more education.

The first things people need are the basic things – accommodation and food and clothes. But then the second things, like books, are also very important.

I cannot work now which is not good, so we need the books so we can have education. I need to learn new words – learn more and more – and the knowledge comes from the books.

I think everyone needs books. We have time – I have time – and I must read. Reading means education. And the education is important for us.

Marwan attends English classes at Soup and Socks’s centre near Katsikas camp where he also borrows books to read for pleasure and to keep learning – especially about science.


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