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Refugee voices: Hassan

19th June 2019 | Blog

Hassan* from Chad lives in Katsikas refugee camp just outside the city of Ioannina in northern Greece. He is a nurse by profession and hopes to become a doctor one day. He reads books you help to send to NGO Soup and Socks’ centre to keep his knowledge up-to-date.


Katsikas camp
Katsikas Refugee Settlement in northern Greece


I am from Chad. I had a big problem in Chad. It was very bad. If I could have stayed I would have – but I could not. Now I live here without my family, my friends, without everything. It is difficult.

I was a nurse in Chad. And now, I am here and I have time but I don’t want to spend my time without doing anything. I want to add to my knowledge in the sciences. That is why I came to the library to borrow some books – like books for nurses.

Refugee with book
Hassan reads medical books at Soup and Socks’ library to keep his knowledge up-to-date

So this library is a very very good thing for me. The books for science and medicine – they are so good. Now I am so busy with the library, I do not even go on the internet!

Books are important for refugees.

It is true that the situation is terrible, but most people would like to learn still. They are always looking for libraries, looking for places where they can find the opportunity to learn.

But there are not many places like this library. I hope to read a lot of different books.

In the future I want to be a doctor! I hope to do my masters – and after that become a doctor. That is my dream. And that is why I have chosen this book. It will help my knowledge go up.

*Hassan’s name has been changed.


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