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June Book of the Month

28th June 2019 | Blog

Our latest Book of the Month is:

Ancient African Town


This fascinating book, filled with detailed illustrations and teeming with information, will be an absorbing read for any child and a welcome school resource for teachers and pupils alike.

Overview of the town

Based on the 17th century town of Benin located in present-day Nigeria, the book takes the reader on a tour of the ancient town from key sites including the royal palace and shrine to the metalcasters’ and brassworkers’ wards, the market and even the storytellers’ corner often found in the market. One of the most popular stories from Benin is included.

The ‘time traveller’s guide’ section gives readers an insight into local customs and culture and includes information on when to visit, how to travel around the town, what to eat and how to pay. In addition there are ‘guided tours’ – sections which take the reader on an imaginary tour of the local countryside, farms and villages or the royal palace. A perfect tool for a librarian or teacher to bring the ancient city to life for young learners.

Villages and farms

This engaging and information-packed book will be a great resource for use both by teachers in the classroom as well as pupils in their studies. Children will also enjoy pouring over it in their spare time as they read for pleasure.

It is captivating non-fiction books like this can spark a love of reading and discovery in young children and we hope that this one will go on to do just that. Copies will soon be heading to partners including WE-CARE in Liberia.


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