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17th July 2019 | Blog

Last year, supporters like you helped to send 2,000 brand new books to 13-year-old Esther’s school, Arlington Junior School, in Uganda. The books were used to refresh and grow the school’s library collection.

Here, Esther, who’s in Primary 7, tells us how she and her classmates have been making use of the new books:


My sister is at university studying for a degree in Economic Development and Social Justice. I am determined to reach her level.

Before, our school library had books, but not enough. Now we have [enough] books [to] practise our vocabulary all at once. This helps us to support and guide each other.


The books have enabled us to travel to different places without going there.

To know about places like America, Oceania, Antarctica, Europe. To also learn about different religions, cultures, people’s opinions without meeting them. We have also read about mysterious things and determined to solve them.

The books have had a profound impact on me. My goals have been boosted and at times confused because I read about different people, what they do, how useful they are and at this moment, I really fail to choose what I should do!

Esther, Peace and Seth
Esther (L) with fellow keen readers Peace (C) and Seth (R) display a message for our supporters

Without the books from Book Aid International, where would the nice stories be, where would the information about different countries be found, historical information come from?

Choosing what to be in the future is out of what you see and read. So I have to read and admire someone and that is what I should choose. So without books, what could I choose?


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