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July Book of the Month

26th July 2019 | Blog

Our latest Book of the Month is:

Making Friends at Work
Making Friends at Work: Learning to Make Positive Choices in Social Situations for People with Autism by Saffron Gallup


This is an innovative practical guide written to help people with autism plan and prepare for social interactions in the work place and specifically to make friends.

Remember the ‘choose your own adventure’ books from when you were young? This book cleverly uses the same format to help the reader explore how different interactions with people might work out, providing a handy tool to think through conversations before they take place.


Book inside page


The reader is given a scenario (in the case of this book, wanting to make a new friend) and then at each page turn they are presented with different choices about how they respond. As they make their choices, they are led through the book and arrive at one of several endings, showing how different interactions or choices can play out.


The end


Some endings are positive and some less so and the book includes explanations of what might have gone wrong in certain scenarios. The ‘choose your own response’ style gives the reader the freedom to go back and try a different response to see how it changes the final outcome.

This book will be really useful for people with autism, their families and medical professionals working with them. In many countries where we work, there is little understanding of autism and books like this are invaluable in raising awareness as well as giving people with autism the tools they need to live full and happy lives.

Copies of this book will be really useful in public and community libraries as a resource for the general public. It’ll also be perfect for medical institutions such as the FAFA Medical Training College in Kenya and Malawi College of Health Science for staff to refer to as well as to give to patients and families of those diagnosed with autism.

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