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Changing lives through reading

6th September 2019 | Blog

Since 2014, players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised an amazing £1,850,000 to support our work. Their support is changing the lives of millions of people around the world through reading.

This week we’ve been celebrating the difference that players’ support is making. Here, we’ve gathered together some of the highlights:

Opening doors to reading for even the most marginalised children

In 2014, players helped open a Children’s’ Corner in Blantyre, Malawi. Today, that library is still opening doors to a world of reading for the children who need books most. Here two street children read during the day. They are unable to attend school, but thanks to players they can still discover books and learn to read.


These two street boys may not be able to attend school but thanks to players’ support, they can still discover books and learn in their local Children’s Corner

We thank you for making our library to be beautiful and giving us books.

– Young reader, Blantyre Children’s Corner


Reaching readers across Liberia

In 2017, players enabled us to begin supporting readers across Liberia – and here kids at the Pentecostal Global Mission School show off the books they’re reading as part of a library lesson. When you’ve never held a new book before, a school library is really something to celebrate!

the Pentecostal Global Mission School, Liberia

The children love the books so much. They want to borrow them all the time!

– Helena D. Kemokai, Principal, Dominic K. Hena School, Liberia.


Enriching under-resourced classrooms in Ghana

Last year, we expanded our work to Ghana where we’re collaborating with AfriKids – another player supported charity. Here AfriKids staff unpack their very first shipment of books and enjoy exploring the stories that they’ll now be able to use to enrich under-resourced classrooms across northern Ghana.

AfriKids staff enjoying newly donated books. Photo Credit: AfriKids

The books have enabled us to set up mini libraries in 45 schools. Pupils can now borrow books to read. Before, these schools didn’t have reading books.

– Linda, Early Years Project Coordinator, AfriKids.


Enabling people to learn to read at any age

People’s Postcode Lottery players’ support helped establish a library in 60-year-old Florence’s grandson’s school in Kenya. Florence hadn’t had the chance to finish her education and so she had never learned to read. When her grandson started bringing home phonics books, she saw an opportunity. Together with her neighbours, she formed an adult literacy class – and used the books players enabled us to send to learn to read!

60-year-old Florence learned to read for the first time using books from her grandson’s school library that players had helped to establish

Now I can read prices, so I get a fair price when shopping, and I can use a mobile phone!

– Florence, 60, Kenya.


Supporting refugee children in sheltering in Uganda

1.4 million displaced people are sheltering in refugee settlements in Uganda and hundreds of thousands of them are children. Through players’ support, we’re establishing reading spaces in children’s centres and schools in these settlements – providing story books selected to help children process the trauma of what they have been through and training teachers and children’s centre staff in how to lead reading activities and introduce children to the joy of reading.

Reading activity
A teacher leads a reading activity with children in the Adjumani settlement

I like reading the stories in the books with my friends. I also ask for books to read from home and the teacher allows me. Now I know new things.

– Stephen, 13, South Sudanese refugee, Adjumani settlement, Uganda.


We would like to say a huge thank you to players of People’s Postcode Lottery for their ongoing support.

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