Reading for a better future

27th November 2019 | Blog

Victoria lives with her four children in Jamestown, one of the poorest districts of Accra, Ghana’s capital.

She works at the local market selling fish and kenkey but she has bigger hopes for her children.

Here she tells us about her youngest child, 12-year-old Solomon, who is excelling in school thanks to books you have helped us to send to our partner Street Children Empowerment Foundation’s (SCEF) library.

Victoria and Solomon
Many parents in Jamestown cannot afford to purchase books for their children


“My favourite thing about having children is just the joy they bring. That they call me ‘ma’.

Most of the parents in Jamestown don’t have money [for books]. If you don’t have the money it’s a challenge. So when children go to SCEF’s Learning Hub, there are books that Book Aid International sent to them, it exposes them to new things to learn.

I have seen a big change in Solomon since he’s been reading. At first, he didn’t really know how to read but now his reading has really improved.  Not only Solomon but his older sister too who also visits the Learning Hub.

I have seen a big change in Solomon since he’s been reading.

Without those books, I would try as much as possible to get books for my children to read – I can see that Solomon already has the head, the intelligence. I want him to be a doctor in the future. But he has a different idea!

Solomon reads to his mum
Solomon also borrows books from the library to read at home


Solomon goes [to the library] every day. Whenever there is a programme at school, they usually call him to speak as he is so fluent in his speech.

When he’s reading, I’m happy.

I’m really happy that Solomon is performing well at school. When he’s reading, I’m happy. It’s really necessary for children to have books to read for their future.”

Change lives this Christmas

Your gift can help send more books to children like Solomon


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