“Reading is my talent”

4th December 2019 | Blog

12-year-old Solomon lives with his family in Jamestown, one of the poorest districts of Accra, Ghana’s capital.

Five years ago, Solomon’s reading skills were limited but when he started reading books at Street Child Empowerment Foundation’s (SCEF) library in Jamestown, he discovered how fun reading was and now he’s the best reader in his class.

Here Solomon tells us more about the books you have helped to send:

Solomon reads to him mum


“I’m 12-years-old and I live with my mother and my two sisters.

For fun, I like cooking noodles and when I grow up I want to be a musician, playing the guitar!

Solomon reading in school


I’m in class 6 at school. I enjoy school because the things that the teacher teachers I enjoy. My favourite subject is natural science because I understand it completely.

I read after school every day.

I read after school every day. I like reading because it’s my talent. I’m the best in my class. In the school holidays I also go to the library.

My favourite book is The Scared Cat. I like it because the cat is always scared! When his friends are going, he’s scared. They went to take a mouse, he’s scared. Every time he’s scared! I have read it many times.

The books in SCEF’s library help me very much.

I come to the library if school have given me homework. I come to the library, collect that book and go to the homework club and write it. Our mothers, if they don’t have money they can’t buy us books. But here we have books to read.”

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