Matilda and her children

Reaching new levels through books

11th December 2019 | Blog

Matilda lives in a one-room home with her six children in Jamestown, one of the poorest districts in Accra, Ghana.

She does all she can to provide for them and give them more opportunities than she had. She wants them to go far and believes books have a key role to play.

Here Matilda tells us more:

Matilda sells fish and rice on the street to make enough money to care for her children


“Since their father left, I’m the only one taking care of my six children. The biggest challenge is feeding them. So I sell smoked fish and rice on the street to get money to take care of all of them.

I didn’t have books when I was a child and I can’t read. But I am so happy my 10-year-old twins, Richard and Richardson, can read.

Twins reading in school
Matilda has seen a great change in her twins, Richard and Richardson, since they started reading

I’m seeing changes in them since they became good at reading. They have already gotten to a level I didn’t get to.


Reading in the library
The twins regularly read donated books at SCEF’s library in Jamestown


If they had no books, they would fall back in their studies. Books are important, especially for their future. I want them to go far – even further than they are already.”

Books are good. They will help me become a doctor.

– Richard, one of Matilda’s twins.


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