Preparing to become a lawyer through books

8th January 2020 | Blog

22-year-old Christine in Zimbabwe is in the last year of her A-levels.

She wants to study law at university and is using books you help to send to her school library to support her studies.

Christine believes books will help her reach university – and and also her future work as a lawyer. Here, she tells us more:



“I have passion about law. I realised some people are victimised for something they maybe haven’t done and I have passion about rescuing people’s lives. [I] want to stand for their rights, especially for the rights of women. That’s why I want to be a lawyer.


Christine reading


I believe that literature books help me to improve my English day by day. As a lawyer, with good English, I can check a person’s case, then study it, then analyse and see how true it is.

As a law student and lawyer, books on law will be important!

So through those books I’ll able to get information that I can use and I am able to practise my English structure, my analysis. As a law student and lawyer, books on law will also be important! For example, books that tell me about the history my country and other countries.


Christine in the library


Through books I have passed all levels and got to A-levels.

Through books I have passed all levels [of school] and got to A-levels. There are books which can still help me to get to university level. In every phase of my schooling I have used books and my English particularly is improving.

One day I hope to be a good lawyer owning a law firm.”

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