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February Book of the Month

28th February 2020 | Blog

Our February Book of the Month is:

Conservation Biology
The Essentials of Conservation Biology by Richard B. Primack

Conservation Biology focuses on the management of the natural world and biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats and ecosystems.

Conservation is becoming an increasingly important field of study for young Africans as climate change, population growth and poaching impact the continent’s biological diversity. There are an increasing number of local organisations working to protect the environment and wildlife.

Conservation Biology insides

The Essentials of Conservation Biology, aimed at undergraduates, combines theory and research to look at key topics such as the effects of climate change, the protection of endangered species and sustainable development from the perspective of biology.

The textbook includes a section on practical applications of theory such as creating protected areas, establishing new populations of species and restoration ecology.

Conservation Biology insides

Copies of this book will be going to our partner the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya which works as a model and a catalyst for the conservation of wildlife and their habitat. Lewa is based in the foothills of Mount Kenya where they protect and manage species and initiate and support community conservation and development programmes.

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