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March Book of the Month

27th March 2020 | Blog

Our March Book of the Month is:

The Herd Boy
The Herd Boy by Niki Daly

This picture book follows a day in the life of Malusi, a young boy who lives in rural South Africa. He spends his days tending his grandfather’s flock; leading them out to find pasture, protecting them from danger and caring for the sick and injured.

It’s a big job for a small boy but Malusi is brave and he dreams of one day becoming the President.

While carrying an injured lamb home along the roadside, he meets an elderly man in a big car who tells him that someone who takes care of his herd would make a good leader. The man that Malusi meets is Nelson Mandela.


Meeting Nelson Mandela


Beautifully brought to life with evocative illustrations, this book will be relatable for many young readers living in rural parts of sub-Saharan Africa where children often spend their spare time helping their parents to care for their livestock. The story is told in simple prose with an underlying message that many great people have started from humble beginnings.

This book is perfect for our partners working with schools and libraries in rural communities such as Eduspots in Ghana, Educaid in Sierra Leone and RLRDP in Zimbabwe. We hope that this book will encourage the children who read it to dream big!


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