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Favourite books and stories

23rd April 2020 | Blog

As we get used to spending more time at home, many of us are taking the opportunity to read more books, enjoying the chance to escape, discover new ideas or even learn a new skill.

Here, readers across the world talk about some of their favourite books and what reading means to them.


Shayma, 9, Syrian refugee in Lebanon


Reading at a library in Lebanon
Children enjoy a reading activity at a library in Lebanon

I like it when the teacher takes us to the library to read. I forget about the war and that I live in a tent.

Arita, 10, Rwanda


Arita and friends reading
Arita (right) reads with two friends at the library

I read a picture book about an airplane and it opened up my eyes to the career that I want to pursue when I grow up.

Tobias, prisoner, Kenya


Prisoners in Kenya
Prisoners using books in a class in Kenya

Libraries equip you with relevant knowledge of what is happening around us.

Dala, 11, Aida Refugee Camp, West Bank


Dala and her favourite book Where To?

When I read this story, I imagined myself travelling to all the places the writer describes.

Austin, 6, Kenya



It is the joyous power of picture books that made me into the young writer and painter that I am today.

Jamia, 16, Uganda


Jamia in her school library with some of the books she likes reading there

Before we had a library, I had learning from the teacher but now I can learn things for myself.

Christian, 6, Rwanda



I have always wanted to see a lion but I have never visited a national park. When I come to the library, I can find books where I can see pictures of lions and all the animals that live in a park. Now I say the library is my nearest park that I can visit.

Winnie, 19, Rwanda


Winnie reading in the library

‘Born A Crime’ by Trevor Noah and ‘I Am Malala’ taught me to never give up even though things seem to be so hard.

Raghad, volunteer librarian, West Bank


Raghad (far right) with some of the children at her library

Every time I read ‘Each Kindness’ to the children, they tell me they don’t want to miss a chance to be kind to others and this lights something inside me.

Sarah, 12, Kenya

‘Olympic Promise’ is about a boy who love running, which was a talent in him. He became famous after achieving a lot. I kept trying to be like him and know what I was good at until I realised I was good at singing. One day I will excel in music.


Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this blog!

These quotes and book recommendations were originally published as part of our World Book Day celebrations in 2018. You can read the original article here.


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