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April Book of the Month

24th April 2020 | Blog

Our Book of the Month for April is:

April Book of the Month
The Health Choices Book created by the Informed Health Choices network

The Health Choices Book has been created by a network of multi-disciplinary health professionals across the world for use by primary school pupils to support their learning about health, wellbeing and how to make well-informed choices.

The book is packed with a variety of resources for teachers to use. It’s split into sections focussing on key concepts (including what health is, what a treatment is and how to decide if a treatment is good or not) and each section provides several ways for children engage with a topic.




Simple language and bright illustrations introduce a concept, followed by some discussion questions, class activities and short written exercises which teachers can use to deepen pupils’ understanding. Each section also includes a cartoon story following siblings John and Julie as they encounter health-related scenarios, bringing to life each key concept using experiences and settings which a young reader will be familiar.

This book will be incredibly useful for all our partners working with children and in schools, especially those working in rural communities where misinformation about health and medicine can be common.

Although schools and libraries are currently closed in many of the countries our partners work in, it is titles like The Health Choices Book that you help to send which mean that teachers and librarians have already been able to introduce many children and young people to information about health and wellbeing.

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