Keeping pupils reading in lockdown

25th June 2020 | Blog

Charity’s children’s school is currently closed because of Covid-19 restrictions in Kenya. Continuing their education at home is difficult but thanks to the books you have helped to send to their school and its innovative head teacher, Charity’s children are able to keep reading during lockdown.

Here, Charity tells us more.

Charity and her daughter Jennifer
Charity and her daughter Jennifer

“I normally sell second-hand clothes in the market. But we are in lockdown so I am currently grounded. It is quite difficult seeing that it is my only source of income.

I have my children to feed and when the virus is over they have to go back to school. Being a single mother, education is the only thing I can give them.

So I am doing casual work in people’s farms. It goes for 250 Kenyan shillings [£1.91] per day. That is enough to cater for our daily food. It is quite difficult but we manage somehow.

I am concerned about my children’s education.

As I said, it is the only thing I can give to them. But since the government has said we should not mix with others, my children just play at home. So the fact that they are now at home it’s really eating away at me, seeing that I have nothing else to give them.

It has been over three months now and it is really affecting them.

But the Head Teacher, Mr Josphat, has been visiting homes, finding out whether the children are reading and giving out books to them.

He usually goes around with a box, where he puts those books and he leaves the pupils around 5-7 books. So at least they know how to read and write. That is the only education they have now.

Usually we don’t have books at home so the children like these books so much!

Even at night they read and when they see the head teacher around the village they shout “Give us books!”


Mr Josphat quote


Sometimes when Mr Josphat gives the books, he also gives them summaries and vocabulary work. They look for the meaning of the words. So he is keeping our children busy with books.

Books are the only source of information and when they have these books, the content is relevant to their growth, relevant to their education. These books are to the level of the learner.

I just want to say that we are really grateful. In Kenya, you see, there are many many schools – but you chose our school.

These books really saved our community.


*The photos used in this blog were taken before lockdown.

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