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July Book of the Month

24th July 2020 | Blog

Our latest Book of the Month is:

Hari graphic novel
Graphic Lives: Hari

Hari is part of the Graphic Lives series which addresses some of the challenges young people may face including anxiety, eating disorders and self harm. Taking the form of a graphic novel, each story follows a different character on their journey to overcome their difficulties with the help of friends, family and the school counsellor.

Told using an engaging graphic novel format and using relatable situations, the books aim to help young people understand what they are going through, remove stigma around mental health and encourage them to seek support.

In Hari, 15-year-old Hari begins to experience anxiety attacks as his mock GCSEs approach, brought on by fears of failure to meet his own and his family’s expectations. When things come to a head, Hari’s school counsellor helps him explore ways to manage his anxiety and not be so critical of himself.

This book will be incredibly relevant and helpful for secondary school students as schools reopen. In many of the communities we work in, students will have only been able to study in a limited way during lockdown, if at all, and so many will feel pressure to catch up and worry about their performance.

Even outside of the pandemic, challenges such as high school fees, families needing their children’s help at home or in the field, a lack of school teachers and frequent school closures can prevent students from attending school regularly. An interrupted education can cause keen learners great anxiety as they worry over maintaining good grades when they are only able to attend school intermittently.

Copies of this book are now on their way to our partners in Uganda working with teenagers and young people in a variety of settings including those living in refugee settlements. We hope they will find this book an encouragement as they get back to learning.

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