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August Book of the Month

28th August 2020 | Blog

Our Book of the Month for August is Jojo Moyes’ bestselling novel, The Giver of Stars.

Giver of Stars book


Based on a true story, The Giver of Stars follows five women in small-town depression-era America as they join a travelling library, bringing books to the isolated and vulnerable across their town and far beyond.

The women refuse to be cowed by convention or the dangers of the landscape they must travel through to reach people. They are led on my a commitment to bring books to people who do not have any, believing in the power of books to change lives.

This heart-warming story of female companionship, determination and of books bringing people and communities together will be loved by readers everywhere and will be especially poignant for library users.

The Giver of Stars is an example of the huge range of novels we are able to send to libraries across the world thanks to the brand new books that publishers donate. Just as our libraries here in the UK are filled with all manner of fiction; classic and contemporary, delving to every facet of the human experience by writers from the UK and across the world – books which make us laugh, cry, grow in self-knowledge, empathy and more, our shipments carry many such books to readers around the world.

Copies of this book are now on their way to Somaliland’s Silanyo National Library in Hargeisa for voracious readers to enjoy and celebrate the wonder of books and reading.

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