Hope for the future

18th September 2020 | Blog

At Book Aid International, we work with a range of people in all kinds of situations that mean they don’t have access to books. This includes working with correctional facilities, juvenile offender centres, women skills centres and vulnerable youth centres in Zambia.

The books sent are key to helping young people in these centres engage in education. Many of them are from poor social-economic backgrounds, so gaining access to books at this moment in their lives can make a huge difference to their future.

“The books you have donated to our facility have really added value to my life. They’ve given me hope for the future.”

Allen enjoys spending time reading every day


In total, six facilities have received 6421 books so far, helping hundreds of young people gain vital skills; from self-sufficiency to theoretical knowledge, business and creative skills.

 “Not having these books would mean I wouldn’t be able to sit my exams and find a proper job”.

Since the books arrived in these centres, enrolment in literacy classes has gone up. Not only has there been a 76.3% increase in men and women sitting their local exams, but also the number of people passing GCSE’s has gone from zero to 172.

While speaking to Allen, an inmate at Mumbwa Correctional Facility, he told us how he’s hugely benefited from the books sent.

“I now spend most of my time reading, the books have opened my mind. Thank you for the knowledge which you have brought to us”.

Send books to young people in Zambia

It costs just £2 to send another book


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