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September Book of the Month

22nd September 2020 | Blog

Back to School! Which can only mean one thing… our Book of the Month is a textbook; ‘How to Pass Higher Human Biology’, written by Bill Dickson and Graham Moffat.

Human Biology textbook


Whilst it might not be seen as the most exciting book to leave our warehouse this year, this book can be the gateway to succeeding in higher education. Containing all the advice and support needed to revise successfully, it combines an overview of the course syllabus with advice from top experts on how to improve exam performance, so students have the best chance of success.

Having access to this textbook could make the difference between gaining a qualification and not, and those who have qualifications are far more likely to get a well-paid job.

At Book Aid International, we are so passionate about making sure students have access to books like this, and it’s thanks to your generous donations that we can continue to send them. This book has just arrived at Tanzania Library Service and students will begin to use it this academic year to study, learn from and enjoy.

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