Five reasons why we love Libraries

7th October 2020 | Blog

From Pioneer Book Boxes to Voyager Container and community Libraries, if there’s one thing for sure at Book Aid International, it’s that we love libraries. 

We work with public, community and prison libraries to ensure the books we provide are available to all,  we also work to increase the support available to people as they begin to read, by training librarians and teachers. So to celebrate Libraries Week, we’re shining a light on a few of the reasons why we’re so passionate about libraries.

1. For Their Brilliant Librarians!

For Wilson and other staff like him across the world, having library-run training sessions has taught him how to be confident and comfortable running a library.

Before, we were just doing basic things in the library. But now I understand how to deal with the children and teach them with the books.

– Wilson, Kenya

In areas where parents struggle even to put food on the table, learning to read books at home is simply not possible. That’s why having engaged, dedicated librarians in community libraries can be life-changing for children. Plus, they can always locate that one book you can’t find!

Wilson reading
Wilson and his colleagues are now confident in working with children

2. Learning New Skills

Books are not just entertaining or informative, they are also vital in teaching new skills and knowledge.

Books have the power to change my future, because the more I read, the more I learn, the more I can become someone.

– Mary, Ghana

3. Meeting Others

Libraries are the perfect place to gather and share a love of books. Our Voyager Container Library model allows even the most rural of homes to have access to up to date books, bringing people from the local community together to share knowledge, make friendships and read.

 It’s all covered so that when it rains, people are sheltered. It’s a reading environment that’s really attractive. When we come here on the weekend, it’s packed. There are so many kids!

– Elizabeth, Rwanda

The Voyager Container Library in Rwanda is very popular


4. A Safe Space to Read

In many of the countries we work in, violence, natural disaster and conflict are the norms. The ongoing conflict in Cameroon has led to communities being a target for violence with many homes and schools being burnt down, so students have had to take shelter in Cameroon’s forested area.

With the help of local NGOs and our Pioneer Book Boxes, students can have a safe space to read, a chance to continue education and have hope for the future.

Dreams should not end because there is strife and conflict. Education is every child’s basic human right and we are committed to giving it to them.

– Church Bishop, Cameroon

Students in Cameroon receiving books

5. The Volume and Choice of Books

Many children and students in the places we work have little or no books at home, so one of the reasons we love libraries is for the sheer choice of books available.

At St John of God College of Health Sciences in Malawi, we’ve sent 4,708 books to date to their Library, allowing students to take books home, rather than loaning for an hour before having to share with their peers. Having enough books and a large range gives students the best possible chance of a good education.

The value of the books we receive is priceless!

– Prisca, Malawi

We would like to thank players of People’s Postcode Lottery who funded the creation of  Rwanda’s Voyager Container Library, and the Pioneer Book Boxes for children and communities to enjoy.  


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