Education for Eunice

8th December 2020 | Blog

The pandemic disrupted all of our lives, including 17-year-old Eunice who couldn’t attend her school or local library during lockdown.

Below, Eunice explains how her life changed this year, and how when supporters like you donate to Book Aid International, you could help her pursue a brighter future.

“My mum sells porridge in the market to support my education but this year has been bad for business. The challenge is to change the life of my family. I want to study hard, look after my parents and put them in a higher position. To do this, I need books. Please send more books, especially revision guides.”

I want to study hard and look after my parents.

Eunice wants to study but struggles with the few textbooks she has at home


She enjoys reading after she’s helped her Mother at the local market


The pandemic forced Eunice to go into lockdown


“During lockdown, I helped my mum in the day and studied at night. I only have four textbooks at home so I couldn’t learn properly. My dream is to go to University and be a surgeon because a family tragedy inspired me to help people when I am older.”

I only have four textbooks at home.

With your support, we can provide students like Eunice with brand new, up to date books. Together, we can help these students fight for their futures and unlock their potential through the power of books.


Fight for futures

£2 could help a student like Eunice access books