Fight for Futures: Behind the Scenes

18th December 2020 | Blog

Growing up in Ghana, Nana’s childhood was shaped by the use of books from the Ghana Library Authority.

Years later, now an adult, Nana’s path crossed with the Ghana Library Authority again, as he became the photographer for our appeal shot in Ghana this winter. Whilst capturing the images, we spoke to Nana about his views on the library service, why education is so important and how he thinks books can shape lives.

“The young people I photographed reminded me of my own journey. For them, this is a critical moment, their life is in the balance. That’s why libraries are crucial at this time because once you teach a person to read and give them the right access to the right material, anything is possible.

Their life is in the balance


For me, the library became a refuge of thought. If I didn’t have access to the library, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Now, I am an empowered African man, I can travel the world, I have a good job, I can provide books for my children myself. But if it wasn’t for the library when I was growing up, none of that could have been possible. Books are equalisers, so anyone who supports an organisation like Book Aid Internaitonal is creating an equal world.”

When you give to Book Aid International, you are giving not just to one generation or one person, but you’re giving to this generation and the next and the next. That is the power of books.

Thanks to Nana for providing us with a collection of images that demonstrate the power of books for students in Ghana and for sharing his story with us. 


Fight for futures

Just £2 could help a student access books