Inspiring the next generation

12th January 2021 | Blog

When young women have books in their school libraries and classrooms, it allows them to explore new horizons and possibilities.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, with the help of supporters like you, the girls of Stella Maris Girls Secondary School and Njamba Community Secondary School in Malawi had their libraries stocked with beautiful brand new books, including science revision books. We spoke to the girls about what these books meant to them and how they helped them to aspire to ambitious futures.

I will pursue physiotherapy. Many women need help but there are very few female physiotherapists to help them. I therefore want to help women in future.

Jane, Njamba Secondary School

Girls in their school library with their favourite revision books*

“I want to pursue Midwife nursing. My mother once went to the labour ward in a hospital and many women were in pain and in labour but there were very few midwives to assist them. I immediately decided that I will be a midwife.”

The books will help me achieve my dream.

Diana, Njamba Secondary School  

In addition to the revision books, the schools also received new fiction books for students to enjoy for pleasure, which were received with great enthusiasm.

I like going to the library when I’m stressed because I can read the fiction books which will help me to relax.

Kettie, Student, Stella Maris Secondary

“The fiction section is well utilised. Students read fiction when they need to relax. The girls simply scrambled for them once we put them on the shelves.”

It was as if they have been waiting for the books for a long time.

Sulira, School librarian, Stella Maris Secondary

The librarian at Stella Maris Secondary School also told us how with such appetite for the books, students are often only able to borrow one book at a time from the library, so must choose between fiction or revision.

Without supporters like you, we can’t continue to send the books that students around the world need in their classrooms to learn and be inspired from.


*Images taken pre- Covid19.